Oeiras. Banco de Portugal takes digital financial education to Escola Secundária Quinta do Marquês

Banco de Portugal organised a session to increase financial awareness with the #toptip digital financial education campaign on 29 May.

This initiative took place at Escola Secundária Quinta do Marquês, in Oeiras, and targeted around 50 secondary school students.

During this session, students learned what precautions to take when using the internet and shopping online, based on the five tips for staying safer online of the #toptip campaign:

  • Don’t make the internet a high-risk gamble;

  • Your phone says a lot about you;

  • Think before you post;

  • Don’t be tricked;

  • Don’t give in to fraud.

During the session, students also learned about opening a current account and using the payment instruments linked to one. The differences between debit and credit cards were debated and a game was used to explain them.


About the campaign

The #toptip campaign is a digital financial education campaign promoted by Banco de Portugal that aims to raise teenagers’ awareness of the care needed when accessing banking products and services through digital channels.

The campaign includes several tips shared on this Website and on Instagram. They are collected in the brochure “5 tips for staying safer online”.

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