Checking the status of a complaint

On this page you can check the status of your complaint process.

The following complaints are available for consultation:

  • those filed in the complaints book of the respective institution – after the 15-day period that the entity complained about has to send the original complaint sheet to Banco de Portugal;

  • sent directly to Banco de Portugal (form, letter, fax or email) – two business days after submitting the complaint via the form.

In order to check the status of your complaint, you must enter the access codes according to the type of complaint you submitted:


Type of complaint Complaint reference Number of identity document
Complaints book

Sheet number of the complaints book (for example, 0745376)

Identity Card (Bilhete de identidade or Cartão de cidadão), Passport, Tax Identification Number or Legal Person Identification Number
Complaint sent directly to Banco de Portugal

Complaint reference (for example, RCO/2009/000001 or PCB-RCO.70.730)

After completing the three required fields correctly, you get the status of your complaint. The statuses are as follows:

  • Complaint recorded (Reclamação registada) and respective date – this means that the complaint was filed with Banco de Portugal and was entered in the complaints database on the date indicated.

  • Institution complained about was questioned (Questionada a instituição reclamada) and respective date – this means that Banco de Portugal asked the institution complained about for its assessment of the facts presented on the date indicated.

  • Analysis of the complaint by Banco de Portugal (Análise da reclamação pelo Banco de Portugal) – this means that Banco de Portugal already has the details to assess the complaint and that, from that date on, it is pondering the facts presented by the complainant and the position taken by the credit institution on the facts presented. Banco de Portugal may decide to request further information from the institution complained about if it continues to refuse to accept the customer’s complaint and if Banco de Portugal needs more data for its final position on the complaint.

  • Termination (Encerramento) with indication of the respective result – this means that Banco de Portugal has finished assessing the complaint. As a result of the analysis of the complaint, Banco de Portugal may conclude that:

    • there are no indications of an infraction committed by the entity complained about;

    • the situation has been resolved by the entity complained about;

    • the facts complained about justify that measures be applied to the entity complained about (Banco de Portugal decides to issue a recommendation, specific decision or to institute a process of misconduct against the entity complained about);

    • the matter falls within the competence of another regulatory body (the Portuguese Securities Market Commission - CMVM - or the Insurance and Pension Funds Supervisory Authority – ASF);

    • the matter is outside the competence of Banco de Portugal.

Once the analysis has been completed, Banco de Portugal will inform the claimant of the outcome of its assessment.

All fields marked with * are required

Complaint type*

Select the way in which you filed the original complaint

Complaint reference*

Enther the reference of the complaint (eg "0745376", "PCB-RCO.70.730" or "RCO / 2009/000001")
Enter the number of your identification document