Disputes relating to credit intermediation and the provision of consulting services

If you have a dispute with a credit intermediary or an entity authorised to provide consulting services, you may resort to an alternative dispute resolution bodies instead of going to court.

Credit intermediaries authorised to carry out this activity in Portugal are included in two lists published by Banco de Portugal:

On this page you can consult the information on the alternative dispute resolution bodies to which the entity concerned has adhered and to which you can resort.

The information provided corresponds to the data reported to Banco de Portugal by entities authorised to carry out the activity of credit intermediation or to provide consulting services.

Alternative dispute resolution is, as a rule, a faster, simpler and less burdensome way for customers and institutions to settle their disputes without the need to go to court.

An alternative dispute resolution body acts as an impartial intermediary between the customer and the institution. This entity may:

  • bring the two parties together in order for them to reach a compromise (conciliation);

  • propose to the parties a solution (mediation);

  • impose a decision (arbitration).

Credit intermediaries and other entities authorised to carry out the activity of credit intermediation and provide consulting services are required to provide effective and adequate procedures for extrajudicial settlement of disputes.

To this effect, they must adhere to at least two alternative dispute resolution bodies that form part of the consumer arbitration network, disclosed on the Consumer Website.

Disputes relating to the rights and obligations of credit intermediaries and other entities qualified to carry out this activity and provide consultancy services (provided for in Decree-Law No. 81-C/2017 – only in Portuguese), regardless of the value of such dispute, are covered by this scheme.

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