Precautions when using cards

  • Ensure the confidentiality of the PIN code. Do not give the PIN code to third parties;

  • Always keep the card in a safe place that is difficult for third parties to access;

  • Confirm regularly that you are in possession of the card;

  • When making a payment, do not lose sight of your card and make sure the card is used on only one device;

  • Ensure that, when paying and when entering the PIN code, you have the proper privacy conditions. Ensure that others cannot see what you are doing;

  • After confirming payment, do not repeat the operation without the terminal displaying a message that the first attempt was cancelled or unsuccessful;

  • Always ask for a receipt for the operation performed;

  • Keep the receipt that proves the operation carried out until checking the transactions made against the statement sent by the issuer (from the card account, the deposit account or the payment account, as the case may be);

  • Immediately contact the payment service provider that issued your card if you detect movements you did not make;

  • Regularly confirm the statements related to the movements made with the card and, if any abnormality is detected, immediately notify the issuer;

  • Carefully read all correspondence sent by the issuer of your card before destroying it.

Loss, theft, robbery or falsification

In the event of loss, theft, robbery or misappropriation of the card or if it is suspected that the card has been skimmed or forged, the cardholder must immediately inform the card issuing payment service provider (or the entity designated by the card issuer), through the contacts indicated by the card issuer and also available on Banco de Portugal’s website.

  • If unauthorised payment transactions are carried out before the card issuer is notified, as a rule cardholders have to pay the amounts unduly used up to a maximum of 50 euros. This limit of 50 euros does not apply in situations of fraudulent action of the cardholders, deliberate breach of their obligations or gross negligence.

  • After notifying the card issuer, cardholders are not responsible for the payment of the amounts arising from the subsequent use of the card, unless they have acted fraudulently.