Personal identification documents

On request of members of the public, Banco de Portugal disseminates information on the following through the banking system, free of charge:

This service facilitates communication between private individuals and institutions of the banking system, allowing the prevention of situations that arise from the fraudulent use of personal identification documents.

This service:

  • exclusively covers the following personal identification documents: citizen’s card, identity card, tax identification number card, passport, residence authorisation or permit;

  • does not cover bank cards, cheques or other means of payment. In these situations, the respective holders should contact the issuer of that means of payment as soon as possible. In the case of bank cards, you can consult the list of contacts of the respective issuers (in Portuguese only).

To ask Banco de Portugal to disseminate information on personal identification documents:

  • fill in and submit the online form available on this website:

Form for lost documents

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Form for recovered documents

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  • print and manually fill in the form provided below. Deliver the form duly filled in to a Banco de Portugal information desk or send it to the following:

Banco de Portugal


Praça da Liberdade, N 92

4000 – 322 Porto


Fax: 222 004 460



Regardless of the form used to request the service, you must always attach to the request the legal or police form or declaration that proves the occurrence of the event.

NOTE: Banco de Portugal’s participation in this process is limited to mere collaboration between private individuals and the institutions involved. Ultimately, the responsibility for assessing the regularity of the information communicated by the applicant and the consequent final decision on the procedure to be adopted falls upon these institutions. Under no circumstances may Banco de Portugal be assigned any responsibility by the applicant or the institutions involved in the process.