Adding information to a complaint

On this page you can send additional information to a complaint already submitted, either directly to Banco de Portugal or through the complaints book.

If you wish to file a new complaint or obtain more information on Banco de Portugal’s responsibilities in the analysis of complaints, please visit the page ‘complaining about an institution’.

To send additional information to your complaint, you must enter the access codes according to the type of complaint you have submitted:

Type of complaint Complaint reference Number of identity document
Complaints book

Sheet number of the complaints book (for example, 0745376)

Identity Card (Bilhete de identidade or Cartão de cidadão), Passport, Tax Identification Number or Legal Person Identification Number
Complaint sent directly to Banco de Portugal

Complaint reference (for example, RCO/2009/000001 or PCB-RCO.70.730)

All fields marked with * are required

Complaint reference*

Enter the reference of the initial complaint (eg "0745376", "PCB-RCO.70.730" or "RCO / 2009/000001")
Enter your full name
Enter the number of your identification document


Attachment in PDF format and 5Mb limit

Upload file