COVID-19. Affected customers may use digital channels to make feeless payments until June 30

Bank customers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic may benefit from a suspension of commissions and fees charged for the use or conduct of payment transactions via digital channels, namely homebanking or payment applications. To this end, they must send their payment service provider a document evidencing they are covered by this measure.

This measure is applicable to payment service users who are in one of the following situations:

  • they are either in preventive or sickness isolation or providing assistance to children or grandchildren, as described in Decree‑Law No 10-A/2020 of 13 March 2020;
  • they were subject to a reduction of the normal working period or their employment contract was suspended due to a business crisis;
  • they are unemployed and enrolled at the Portuguese Institute for Employment and Vocational Training;
  • they are workers eligible for benefiting from extraordinary support to the reduction of the economic activity of self-employed workers;
  • they are workers of entities whose business establishment or activity has been ordered to be closed during the declared state of emergency.

As of 11 April, with the publication of Law No 7/2020 of 10 April 2020, bank customers are entitled to this right. The suspension of commissions and fees is effective until 30 June 2020.

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