8th Todos Contam competition: meet the winners

The National Council of Financial Supervisors (CNSF) and the Ministry of Education announced today the winners of the 8th edition of the Todos Contam Competition.

The announcement was made at a formal session with the schools during Financial Literacy Week 2019, which took place at the secondary school Escola Secundária Emídio Garcia, in the Emídio Garcia School Grouping in Bragança.


School Awards

The School Awards category rewards the best financial education projects to be implemented in schools during the 2019/2020 school year.

In this category, the Todos Contam Competition jury gave awards to the projects of the following schools:

  • Kindergarten: Divertiláxia (Azores)

  • 1st stage of primary education: Agrupamento de Escolas de Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo (Guarda)

  • 2nd stage of primary education: Agrupamento de Escolas General Serpa Pinto - Escola Básica 2,3 General Serpa Pinto (Cinfães)

  • 3rd stage of primary education: Agrupamento de Escolas de Cabeceiras de Basto - Escola Básica e Secundária de Cabeceiras de Basto; Escola Básica do Arco de Baúlhe (Braga)

  • Secondary education: Escola Secundária Poeta Al Berto (Sines)

  • Continuity Award: Escola Profissional Vértice (Paços de Ferreira)

The jury also awarded honourable mentions to:

  • Kindergarten: Agrupamento de Escolas da Vila do Bispo - Jardim de Infância da Vila do Bispo (Faro)

  • 2nd stage of primary education: Agrupamento de Escolas Martim de Freitas - Centro Educativo dos Olivais (Coimbra)

  • 3rd stage of primary education: Agrupamento de Escolas "A Lã e a Neve" - Escola Básica de São Domingos (Castelo Branco)

  • Secondary education: Agrupamento de Escolas João de Deus - Escola do 1.º ciclo n.º 4 da Penha; Escola Básica 2,3 de Santo António; Escola Secundária João de Deus (Faro)


Teacher Award

For the first time, the Todos Contam competition gave away a Teacher Award to reward the teacher that stood out the most in implementing financial education projects in previous years.

The Teacher Award went to:

  • Tânia Martins - Escola Profissional Vértice (Paços de Ferreira)


Todos Contam competition

The 8th Todos Contam competition attracted 58 applications to the School Awards, involving over 11,000 students and around 70 schools from most districts in mainland Portugal as well as the Autonomous Regions of Madeira and the Azores.

Of the 58 applications received, 5 applied for the kindergarten category, 6 for the 1st stage of primary education, 11 for the 2nd stage of primary education, 17 for the 3rd stage of primary education, and 19 for secondary education.

The jury excluded 5 applications that did not comply with the Regulation, as they included initiatives co-developed with financial sector institutions, without involvement of the respective sector association, and therefore did not abide by the principles for financial education initiatives within the framework of the National Plan for Financial Education.

There were also 5 applications for the Teacher Award.

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