Banco de Portugal launches the #toptip campaign to promote the security of young people on digital channels

With the new school year starting, Banco de Portugal has just launched a digital financial education campaign for young people, the #toptip (‘#ficaadica’) campaign.

Digital channels allow bank customers to access financial products and services online and via smartphones and tablets anytime and anywhere, quickly and conveniently.

However, the use of digital channels also entails risks related to the security of operations, easier access to products and impulse buying, which sometimes involves resorting to credit.

Aware of these challenges, Banco de Portugal has stepped up its intervention in the promotion of digital financial education, with a campaign specifically directed at young people.

Young people are the population segment with the greatest capacity and ease in using new technologies. They also tend to be more confident, which could lead them to overlook certain security rules when using digital channels.

With the #toptip campaign, Banco de Portugal intends to create a movement to promote digital financial education by disseminating five messages over five weeks on five different topics.

Throughout these five weeks, Banco de Portugal will be giving young people tips via the Bank Customer Website and Instagram.

A brochure directed at secondary schools throughout the country will then be prepared using the campaign materials.

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