In this area you can access the various services that Banco de Portugal provides to bank customers.

Banco de Portugal ensures the confidentiality of the information collected.



Central Credit Register

Consult information about credits in your name.

Database of Banking Accounts

Consult information in your name on deposit accounts, payments, credit and financial instruments.

Prohibition of the use of cheques

Consult information on any registrations in your name in the list of cheque defaulters.

Make a complaint

Make a complaint

Complaining about an institution

Present a complaint directly to Banco de Portugal if you believe that a credit institution, financial company, payment institution, electronic money institution or credit intermediary had acted inappropriately in selling any retail banking product or service.

Adding information to a complaint

Send additional information to a complaint already sent to Banco de Portugal or presented in the complaints book of the institution concerned.

Checking the status of a complaint

Find out the status of your complaint process.

I have lost my documents

I have lost my documents

Personal identification documents

Find out what to do if you have lost your personal identification documents.

Bank cards

Check the contacts of the bank card issuers to report situations of loss, theft, misappropriation or any unauthorised use of your bank card (only in Portuguese).



Mortgage credit

Calculate the monthly instalment and the total cost of a mortgage credit.

Consumer credit

Calculate the monthly instalment and the total cost of a consumer credit.


Calculate the return on capital investments on a simple or compound interest-rate regime.

Currency converter

Make currency conversions based on the exchange rates published by Banco de Portugal and the European Central Bank.




Compare the maintenance fees charged by institutions in Portugal for services linked to payment accounts.

Price lists

Consult the fees and expenses leaflets of credit institutions.

Settle disputes

Settle disputes

Consumer disputes

Learn how to resolve your consumer conflicts.

Disputes on banking products and services

Learn how to resolve your conflicts regarding banking products and services.

Disputes relating to credit intermediation

Learn how to resolve your disputes over credit intermediation and consulting services.

Ask for information

Ask for information

Contact form

Contact us using our contact form.

Phone service 213 130 000

Contact us by phone to obtain information related to Banco de Portugal’s public services.



Training entities

Ask Banco de Portugal to be certified as a training entity in matters relating to the marketing of mortgage credit agreements and to the activity of credit intermediary. See the list of certified training entities.