Banco de Portugal reveals #TopTip financial education campaign

On 30 September, Banco de Portugal organised a public session to publicise the #TopTip digital financial education campaign at the Agrupamento de Escolas D. Dinis (Dom Dinis School Grouping) in Lisbon.

Approximately 100 upper-secondary students played the game “Armoured Mission”, which aims to draw young people’s attention to the importance of adopting security procedures when using digital channels on computers, tablets or smartphones.

On this occasion, the Vice-Governor of Banco de Portugal, Luís Máximo dos Santos emphasised that digital financial education has to be extended to all citizens and it is essential for society to deal better with the digital challenge. He underlined that young people use new technologies with ease, but their excess of confidence may expose them to security risks.

The Deputy Director-General for Education, Eulália Alexandre, who also participated in the session, highlighted that it is important to be aware that digital fraud does not only happen to others and it is therefore essential that financial education reaches everyone. She challenged the students to recreate the digital financial education games for younger pupils and transform the school into a #TopTip school.

In the game “Armoured Mission”, students ‘became’ highly specialised technicians in cybersecurity and online fraud prevention. Their mission was to alert employees of their ‘companies’ to existing risks such as fraudulent emails, insecure passwords or telephone calls aiming to defraud the workers and company. For each security breach, their ‘company’ registered a negative financial impact. At the end, the winner was the team with the fewest financial losses.


Digital financial education campaign #TopTip

The #TopTip campaign is a digital financial education campaign promoted by Banco de Portugal that aims to raise youth awareness of the care needed when accessing banking products and services through digital channels.

The tips shared on this Website and on Instagram are collected in the brochure “5 tips for staying safer online.”

Banco de Portugal distributed copies of the brochure at schools throughout the country and has held awareness raising sessions about the subject at the schools, thanks to the support of its regional network.

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